Nicole – GH AWard Winner

The Grand House Award has provided me with many opportunities as a student entering the field of architecture. In exploring the community tied to the house I have gained new insight into shared living spaces as well as cooperative design. Grand House allows students to engage with these ideas and provides a platform for experimentations and collaboration.”

Did you know that Grand House has an annual award that automatically offers you a spot at the house for one term and leaves you with some extra money for materials, books, travel or whatever you need?
The award, valued at $3,400, is provided to a full-time undergraduate student enrolled in any year at the School of Architecture in the Faculty of Engineering on the basis of interest and desire to live at Grand House; the only student residence in Cambridge that was designed and built by students for students.
It presents a great opportunity for students to interact with each other, learn more from each other, put your ideas to use, and build enthusiasm for architecture. You can be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or an International student on a study permit.

Apply by June 1st
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Previous Award Recipients:

  • 2015 – Isabel Ochoa
  • 2016 – Nicole Rak
  • 2017 – Teodor Mlynczyk
  • 2018 – Nothando Kathleen Bhila